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AFI - Archivio Fotografico Italiano

Since 2006, the year of its foundation, the Italian Photographic Archive has dedicated itself with constant commitment to the enhancement and dissemination of photography, acquiring funds, protecting collections destined to dissolve, planning and developing research aimed at increasing the visual, historical and contemporary heritage, with the aim of qualitatively enriching one’s collection.
The subjects are the most varied: from reportage to journalism, from geographical photography to the Italian territory, from urban spaces to architecture, from portraits to work, to research and art photography, with particular attention to historical images and those of the recent past . Many projects translated into traveling exhibitions and valuable books, presented at European level.
Afi collaborates with public and private bodies, national archives, schools and institutes, designing cognitive, practical and educational educational paths, examining the regulations on the management of the visual heritage, conservation and cataloguing, encouraging collecting, participating at conferences and training plans at various schools.
The launch of an editorial series, which has now reached over 40 published volumes, has allowed AFI to present itself even beyond national borders, with gratifying acclaim, promoting Italian photography and the authors represented in international contexts and in contexts reserved for qualified operators and lovers of photography and art.
Afi is also a fine art printing laboratory, appreciated by numerous artists.
Noteworthy are the events organized annually.
Among the most relevant are the European Photographic Festival, the Unveiled Archives Review and documentation and dissemination projects of the environmental, landscape, artistic and architectural heritage of Lombardy and the peninsula.
Afi boasts collaborations at a European level, participating for many years in the RIPs of Arles, in collaboration with the French municipality, in Grenoble proposing Italian photography and in Paris, with its own stand, as part of FOTOFEVER at the Carrousel du Louvre, for several years.
Since 2017 he has activated a collaboration projected over time with Photo Beijing in Beijing, with the aim of representing Italian photography in China and making Chinese artists known in Italy.
Participate in art fairs, proposing art photography to collectors and experts at a European level.
A sober but exhaustive collection of works from the collection is visible on the sites: